With the 2020 election just a few weeks away, we wanted to highlight two Colorado reporters that have worked hard to keep voters informed and ready to make confident decisions.

Sandra Fish is Colorado’s pre-eminent data journalist, and the unofficial pied-piper of campaign finance. She’s covered politics and government for the Denver Post and the Colorado Sun. 

Scott Franz is KBUT’s Capitol Coverage reporter. He’s got eyes on a wide variety of statewide races and ballot initiatives. Undecided about wolf reintroduction? Confused about the Gallagher amendment? Can’t decide who should represent Colorado in the U.S. House or Senate?

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Are you having trouble sleeping? It’s only within the past several years that scientists and doctors have begun to understand the importance of sleep, and in the era of COVID19, everyone seems to be having a hard time getting enough of it.

We talk with Gunnison Valley Health Sleep Lab Chief Sleep Technologist Derek Douglas, who gives tips on getting a good night’s sleep, and explains how tell when you need to seek help.

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